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Malwarebytes problem

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Hi. I have Windows 7 64.
I have a license for Malwarebytes. I have no problem with version
They have a new version v 3.0 which causes me problem.
I have a scanner Canon 9950F which I use every morning to scan crosswords puzzles.
I use Corel Paint Shop Pro version X8.
Malwarebytes does a scan as soon as I open my PC in the morning.
After the scan, things starts to go array.
With Malwarebytes version 3.0 installed, when I start ScanGear, I cannot perform a preview or a scan.
The Scanner still works with Canon Toolbox but I cannot preview so it scans the whole page.
To get around the problem, I have to insert the Canon CD, uninstall the ScanGear driver and install a new (64 bit) version. 
This works.....till the next time I use the Scanner.
I sent a notification to Malwarebytes but no reply.
I have reinstalled version witch works fine.
Anybody have a solution so Malwarebytes stops telling me umps time a day my software version is outdated and they have a new version ?
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I had the same issue ( at least what I think), but my license was somehow corrupted while I tried contacting the support (Late as usual) but they did the work and it seemed some virus took over the .txt and crashed the license. Anyways Malwarebytes gave nice support and it was done within a day.


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