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I am /was so close to putting up money for this app!

just wanted to ask a simple question, contacting MB is so hard, this is the only place short of jumping on a plane and turning up on the door step, then I bet you could not get through the door!

Brian Ray

Jun 4, 17:24 CDT

I am using your free trial, premium version, rely like your program, and the fact that it blocks the sites.would like it to show more info on what is happening
after running multiple scans on my computer, I am happy that the problem is not on my puter but the website (putlocker) that is making my browser open multiple windows into bad sites,
(blocks most opens some)
dose the paied version do more and fix this browser hijack?
looking forward to hearing from you

Brian Ray

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Hello @angeryman101

The best way to contact support would be through this link: https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/portal/emails/new?b_id=6400

As far as your question goes, the paid version will offer Real time protection which proactively blocks stuff before something bad happens.

In your case even before the browser containing malicious pop ups can open and execute something Malwarebytes will block it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

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Just to add, sites like Putlocker which offer free content which normally costs money (Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu etc.) usually use ads to pay for their hosting.  Unfortunately they often times end up with ads which are being used by criminals to try to scam the sites' visitors and/or infect them with malware.  While we do our best to block the harmful ones, Malwarebytes isn't really a pop-up blocker nor will it always be capable of blocking all bad/scam sites as new ones come online so frequently.  That said, there are additional measures that you can take to protect yourself.

First is the obvious: stay away from riskier areas of the web such as Puttlocker which offer copyright protected content free of charge as such places are all too often a haven for scams and malware (again, through ads etc., not through content that's actually hosted on the Puttlocker itself usually).  While I completely understand that this is probably the last thing that most visitors to sites like Puttlocker want to hear, it really is the safest choice and the only surefire way to protect your system.

Second, if you just can't live without using Puttlocker, install a good, reputable ad blocker such as Adblock Plus.  They have a version for all 3 major web browsers (Google Chrome and all Chromium based browsers, Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer).

Third, enable the pop-up blocker in your web browser and crank up the settings to max (i.e. "block all pop-ups").  While it means that you will have to deal with allowing pop-ups for the sites that are safer, it also means you'll be safer on the sites that aren't (just be sure NOT to allow pop-ups on sites like Puttlocker and instead use the right-click "open link in new tab/new window" functionality when you need to click on a link that opens a new tab to view content such as a link to a particular video you wish to view).  FYI, I do this myself and I've tested this method on sites like Puttlocker and have had no trouble with getting the site/content to work without having to allow pop-ups on the sites.

And finally, with regards to the risk of infection; while we may not always block every potentially harmful site that shows up, we do include extremely effective exploit protection which guards against the number one method used today by malicious ads and sites to infect systems.  This means that even if a truly malicious/infected ad/pop-up gets past our web blocking component, it is very likely that whatever it tries to do to download malware to your system will be thwarted very early in the process by stopping the exploit in its tracks, thus preventing any actual malware from being downloaded to/executing on your system.  Beyond that we also have our ransomware protection and malware protection to detect and block any malicious payload that does try to slip past.  In this way Malwarebytes 3 offers a great layered defense against threats to ensure that your system stays clean and free of malware.

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