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I haven't got the new component package yet

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The pinned topic at the top of the forum says component package 1.0.139 is available.

However, I just checked my Malwarebytes program and in "Settings" it says I have 1.0.122.


In "Application", I have "automatically download and install application component updates" checked.  I've also done a general check for updates (and I also tried clicking "install application updates which then said none were available) but I'm still at 1.0.122


Should I be concerned?  What should I do?

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46 minutes ago, dcollins said:

The updates are metered out over time, so it may take a little while to get the update through the program. You can download the update manually from the pinned thread and install it over top of your existing installation however.

I clicked on that update in the pinned thread but haven't downloaded it yet.  In the file title it had (after 1.0.139) 1.0.2060 which I presume is the update package version.  However, my current update package version is 1.0.2092.  Would I be making a regression?

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Hello @CT31

The 1.0.2060 is the Database update which is present in that specific installer.

The database update check happens every hour and we often update Database several times a day.

You have the latest database update : 1.0.2092.

You can run the 3.1.2: 1.0.130 installer and after the install click on the update link in the Main UI and you will get the latest Database update.

Thank you,

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