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I have the same problem occurring on my desktop in both Chrome and Edge.  I just rebuilt my system about 2 weeks ago with a new SSD and windows 10 OS.  The problems with my previous HDD may or may not have been related to this problem, but I was experiencing issues with that set-up especially in chrome.  When running Chrome I would get high levels of CUP usage.  This would cause my system to become unusable at times.  Ultimately CHKDSK revealed that there may been disk problems so I went down that path and replaced my OS HDD with a new SSD.  I did not restore the system, I rebuilt by loading a new OS and reinstalling some of the apps.  That was a little history on my system... 

Now I am experiencing redirects to grimsurveys,com when I am on the comcast website sitting idle. Lately it is occurring more frequently.  Yesterday when I turned on my screen after being on all night there was a warning message indicating my data would be lost, passwords taken and such.  The infection was a variant of yahlover.worm malware. I used CCleaner and mallwarebites and nothing was found.  I searched various remedies and found that some think its a website attack and nothing on my computer needs to be cleaned. This morning I received a Mallwarebites notification of a block of a malicious web site.  I assume it was the yahlover.worm attack again.  Mallwarebites hasn't blocked the grimsurvey redirects...

In my estimation this is all related.  I am interested in finding a solution.  If not I will rebuild my system again and  to determine if there is still a problem.

Is there firmware or something outside of the disk storage system that could be infected and could propagate a problem from the old disk to the new disk? 

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