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Disable notification when I choose to disable Website Protection (2.0)

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I saw this thread and noticed it was inactive so I wanted to remake it because this issue is definitely pressing: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/144984-disable-notification-when-i-choose-to-disable-website-protection/

I got Malwarebytes for the excellent anti-virus protection, NOT for a tacked-on website protection. I originally had it enabled, but then disabled it when I couldn't even open images in Google Image Search without seeing "website blocked," and otherwise interrupting my normal browsing. I've never had any website compromise my security at all in the past, which means Malwarebytes itself is doing more harm than good. I know for a fact that not just me, but many other users are very annoyed at being notified that their anti-virus isn't working properly when it is in fact working exactly the way they want it to. Every. Single. Startup. Please give users an option to disable notifications when they disable website protection. Thank you.

P.S. Signing up for this website was atrocious, the worst "secure password verifier" I've ever used. My passwords are very strong, yet I've never been more frustrated at a signup than this forum. It's impossible to set a password, I had to make a random nonsensical one to get past it. Maybe the reason this issue isn't being talked about more is because the user registration is so cumbersome it's impossible for users to even comment.

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You can now disable notifications for protection components being disabled.  This functionality has been available since version 3.1.2 of Malwarebytes (latest available here).  The below setting is how it is controlled.  If you switch it to "Off" by toggling the switch to the left it will no longer notify you about protection components being disabled.  Also, just FYI, the reason we have this notification to begin with is because if your system did get infected, it's possible that the malware may turn one or more protection settings off without your knowledge so we've implemented these notifications to keep our customers informed when a protection component is not active.  This setting overrides that functionality for the sake of users such as yourself who desire to deliberately disable one or more protection components without being alerted about it.


As for the issues with signing up for the forums, I'll let the forums team know about it but my guess is that the restrictions on passwords are probably set pretty strictly as far as the requirements (symbols/caps/lowercase/numbers/length etc.) and meeting all of the criteria can sometimes be a pain with some systems/requirements.  That said, based on what we now know about password entropy, it is possible that we may change (if we can) the requirements for passwords so thank you for your comments on this.

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