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Folder Exclusions still not working in XP with v3.1.2.1733

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I was here in February, 2017 reporting that folder exclusion did not work in Windows XP while using Malwarebytes v3.0.6. I have since removed v3.0.6 and have now installed v3.1.2.1733. I still find that folder exclusions still do not work in XP. Is this issue still open? Is it still not resolved? I have searched throughout the KB and find others still reporting exclusion issues in later operating systems which suggest that the issue is still not resolved (XP or later). Can someone who is more up to date with the current issues  of 3.1.2,1733 issues tell me where it stands or give me a link where official XP issues are listed? Appreciated. Thks.

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Hello @Aderlass:

As you have related, you and others have already reported this to the MB3 team.  No specific resolution date nor future MB3 version number is known at this time as other issues required more immediate attention.  In the interim, an even safer "workaround" is to make individual file exclusions.

Thank you always for your patience and understanding.

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I am on windows 10. I have Malwarebytes 3.0.6. Folder and File exclusions do not work for me. I have excluded C:\Program Files\Norton Security. When I do a Hyper Scan, Norton Antivirus reports that Malwarebytes was blocked from accessing C:\Program Files\Norton Security\\ns.exe. I excluded that file and reran the Hyper Scan and Norton Antivirus still blocked Malwarebytes from accessing that file. Malwarebytes hangs when accessing the ShadowProtect log files if a ShadowProtect backup is running. This is a real issue when the scan and the backup both hang. The dashboard indicates that I am current on all updates.

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