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Atom Text editor very slow to launch when Malwarebytes 3 is running

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Whenever I have Malwarebytes 3.1.2 (component package 1.0.139) running, it makes launching the Atom text editor by GitHub painfully slow. When I disable ALL 4 protection types in Malwarebytes, it helps slightly but not enough. I have even added an exception for Atom.exe as well as the entire Atom text editor folder. I have noticed that when I launch a text editor such as Sublime Text 3, it launches full speed and instantly regardless of whether I have Malwarebytes running or not. I am really hoping that this is something that can be fixed.

I will now post some pictures showing the launch speeds of Atom text editor at various points.

Malwarebytes running with all protections:jevfcmi.png

Malwarebytes not running:


Malwarebytes running with all 4 protection types disabled:

Here is the exceptions window with the relevant exceptions:


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Hello @ipkpjersi and :welcome:

The Malwarebytes' developers/staffers/helpers must have good log data for a quality fault analysis to commence.

1) From the locked/pinned topics, at the beginning of this sub-forum, please follow the steps within the topic at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps

2) In the next reply to your topic, please only attach the three (3) separate files that are developed above: mb-check-results.zip, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt.

Additionally, please consider left-clicking the "Follow" button, near the upper-right corner of your topic, to receive timely email notifications about updates to your topic.

Thank you.

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23 hours ago, dcollins said:

Generally bumping is not needed. Unfortunately our forum help is a bit lighter on the weekends so we can't jump on these posts immediately, but I have added this to my list of things to check once I get in tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I forgot that it was the weekend when I posted this. Oops! Good to know, thanks.

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I tested it, and it did not help me very much.

All 4 types of real-time protection disabled as well as self protection disabled:

Malwarebytes simply closed:
Simply having Malwarebytes open adds an extra 2-3 seconds to each launch even with all protections disabled and having no protections disabled ends up making it launch even slower.

Malwarebytes with all protections enabled:

Is this something that could possibly looked into more detail for? I love Malwarebytes and I love Atom, and I know Atom is becoming a really popular text editor and might become number one at some point so this may end up becoming an even bigger issue.

Thanks for looking into this.

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I would like to add. I've been using Malware Bytes for months and also Atom Editor for at least a year. Just very recently Atom editor started lagging when gaining focus. It would take Atom 4-5 seconds to become interactive again upon gaining focus. It made it impossible to work with. So I looked online if anyone else had the problem so I found this:


someone in there mentioned turning off Malware bytes did the thing and I tried that and Atom became responsive again, it instantly became interactive upon gaining focus. Then I found this thread and found that by switching off Self Protection may improve Atom's responsiveness. Now I can still have Atom and Malware running side by side but Malware Bytes is now no longer in self-protecting mode.

Please fix this issue and update us here when its fixed so that I can enable Self Protection again. I want to continue using both Atom and Malware Bytes.

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2 months of silence, and It's just getting worse...

I can no longer even run Atom Text Editor with Malware Bytes running. It hangs before anything is loaded, but closing it, it miraculously finished loading in 2 seconds after 10 minutes of being frozen. Before crashing completely it gave me a few exploit warnings, which was just the command line fetching package data from atom, so I can no longer install add-ons (Even if it could start). It won't even let me add an exception for the exploit, the list is blank. Also, excepting the file doesn't do anything. Not to mention, according to timecop, it saves me roughly 40 seconds of start-up without it.

Here's the exception export, but seeing as there's very little support for this, I'll wait until asked to collect debug info to make sure it's used.


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