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Why can Chrome browser history be deleted when not connected to internet?


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3 questions:

I assume the answer is because Chrome saves your browser history to your computer. Is this correct?  

Everyday after booting BEFORE connecting to internet (no wifi, ethernet connection only) I delete chrome browser history.  Please google "chrome browser history can be deleted when not connected to internet."  Do you get an answer?  

If there is a better site to post this issue please advise, I realize the question is not intrusion related or is it?  

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While I don't know about Chrome specifically, I'd speculate that it likely depends on just how you're using Chrome.  If you have it set up so that you sign in to Google (either manually or automatically) when using your browser, then yes, it's entirely possible that you can't really delete your browsing history for Chrome when offline.  I have this hypothesis because of some of the features offered by Google/Chrome, including the ability to synchronize data/favorites/saved passwords etc. across multiple devices/browsers/browser installations.  With this sort of capability active, you'd have access to your previous searches, sites visited, favorites, saved passwords, settings and other data used by the browser even when accessing Chrome on a different (even new) PC/Chrome installation  The reason for this is because of the cloud.  If Google/Chrome is using cloud functionality to store your data (including browsing history) so that it may be synchronized across multiple devices then the only way to really delete it would be to delete it from the cloud, not just the locally running instance of the Chrome browser, and to do that you'd have to have access to the cloud (the online servers Google uses for storing this data) meaning you'd have to have internet access.

Now, if you are not using these features/don't log into your Google account when browsing then you should be able to delete all historical data from your browser even when not connected to the internet, however I believe most users do use their Google account when using Chrome and therefor likely do have this data stored in the cloud so they would need to be online to truly delete it, otherwise the next time they log into Google in Chrome (be it in the same Chrome installation or Chrome running on a different device/system) that data will be downloaded and synced to the device where they're logging in.

Related info can be found in the following links:

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