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Memory issue with component update 1.0.139?

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Updated manually to the new component package.

Rebooted twice since then, and memory consumption seems abnormal and maybe related to a conflit with MSE?

Running W7 Pro x64 fully updated with MBAM premium and MSE only.

Svchost is also high, maybe related to the conflict?

MSE and MBAM are fully excluded from each other, by the way.

Screenshot show the three most memory consuming apps running at the moment.




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Yep, this is expected. We are working on improving our memory performance overall, but around 2-300 MB of RAM usage is pretty normal right now

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Ok, thanks!

I thought it was lower with the previous component package.




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If I can make some observations.  I would contend that the amount of memory listed is allocated memory.  It does not mean that it is busy on it all the time.

It is what Windows allocated for the service to be able to run.  It does vary from one configuration to another.

It is a better to look at amount of CPU % in use by the service.  If you look at screenshot from Porthos, one notices that the service at that instant was only using 0.4 percent of cpu.

Similarly, on my main pc, Task Manager shows fluctuations when idle of 0 % to maybe 0.1, or 0.2, or 0.3 % of cpu overhead.  0.5 occasionally.


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