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What are your necessities on a computer?


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As David H. Lipman said, you are asking a very generic question.  I have multiple computers.  I use each for different task groups, with a bit of overlap.  On one, I would use Gmail and stay clear of questionable sites (thanks to profile malware propagation).  The other may go multiple shady places, all on restorable VMs while the physical machine stays G-rated. Neither the physical nor the virtual ever sees a Google login to keep the environment clean.  I could go on forever.  What are you really looking for?

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  • TextPad editor
  • FastStone Image Viewer
  • Foobar2000 Music Player
  • LAME suite to support Foobar2000
  • Malwarebytes
  • Firefox
  • Skype
  • VLC Video Player

Anything else, I'll get around to.  Its very hard to remember only one computer.  Have always had at least 2 since 1981.

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Outside of apps, a more important thing for me is what browser plugins and history do I absolutely need.  I have jumped through a million hoops to get browser histories from drives that no longer run my computer.  I won't run them through Chrome because of the risk of propagating malware through profiles stored on cloud, so everything is though Firefox.

Alas, my beer glass is empty.  Probably a good thing!

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