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Exploit protection is stopping open office from opening.


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Not sure if this is the correct location for my  posting,  Admin, please relocate my posting  to the correct  area if needed, I will  appreciate this.

Don't know if this is a false positive or not?  All I want is  a open office program that works.  I attached the report from malwarebytes.   Also know that I am no comp. expert. I don't know code.  I am just a web surfer, home owner.

My new computer is a DELL and using windows 7 and located in my home not an office. I have been using windows XP.   I have recently downloaded open office to my computer.  In my search of the internet to discover why I am having great trouble opening and using Open office, the internet and the web site "How to Geek"   educated me that open office forked in the past and now there are two open office programs using the same basic code, or something like that, but that one is something called Libre office.  I unknowingly downloaded the open office Libre version/ type.  ( for me, it was what came up when I made my search for a open office download. )  days later  I made attempts  to locate an "open office download"  that does not have or is not the Libre version, but I was unsuccessful. I did find  several web sites with open office related material but did not find one that appeared to be  a download link that would work,  instead all appeared to be facts about open office.

  Any way,  my trouble with malwarebytes is this:  when I click to open Apache open office, Exploits blocks  and stops open office from  startling  so I can use the program.  I do not know how to correct this. or if I should.   I can use the Libre version,  as " the web site How to Geek  says I will probably be happy with it, and not notice a difference and it actually gets more frequent updates.   I state again, All I want is  a open office program that works, so if  you can tell me: should I be afraid to use this version of open office?  Can you  share with me a link to the normal, old / regular open office program?     or how to get malwarebytres to allow it to open and function, will be great.  I greatly appreciate your help.

exploits report.txt

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