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Firefox 64 bit will not exit completely

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I am having the same problem with Malwarebytes 3.0 and Firefox 32 on Windows 7-64bit Ultimate remaining in task manager after exiting.

Malwarebytes version:
Component package: 1.0.122
Update package: 1.0.2037

It happens less when I EXIT out of Firefox as opposed to just hitting the X in the right corner. But it still happens.

Also Chrome has failed to load the top menus a couple of times and I have to reboot and then it works, but has not had processes remaining in Task Manager after I close like Firefox does.

I just turned off Settings/Protection in Malewarebytes 3 for Firefox & Chrome per previous suggestions and will let you know if this works.

One of the reasons I installed upgraded to Malewarebytes 3 from previous registered version was the "Ransomeware" addition.

Does excluding Firefox & Chrome negate the benefits of this feature?

Hope this is fixed soon - I really want CCcleaner/Spybot to run concurrently with Malewarebytes as they have done flawlessly with previous Malewarebytes version.

The ONLY change I did was to install Malewarebytes 3 prior to this happening to Firefox & Chrome.

Also I don't have any Norton Products and think it probably conflicts with Piriform CCcleaner or maybe Spybot.


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"I just turned off Settings/Protection in Malewarebytes 3 for Firefox & Chrome per previous suggestions and will let you know if this works."

Firefox is still hanging processes in Task Manager after doing above.

I am turning these back on since I don't know what other things might be unprotected if Firefox & Chrome are not monitored apps in settings/protection.

Doing a control/alt/delete and killing Firefox32.exe clears the hanging.

Considering using Firefox 64 (Nightly?) and seeing if that clears up the issue.

Also may turn off all addon apps in Firefox to see if maybe one of those may be an issue.

Chrome very seldom has issues (none on hanging here) with the same add-on apps as Firefox.

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Same problem here with Firefox tasks being left in Task Manager after closing.

Did system disk backups prior to upgrading from Malewarebytes Pro to Malwarebytes 3.

The problem with Firefox only started happening after the upgrade to Malewarebytes 3.

Restored system from backup, uninstalled Malewarebytes Pro and did a clean install of Malwarebytes 3 - same problem.

Was occurring with Firefox 32bit, installed 64 bit Firefox as suggested - still left Firefox programs in Task Manager.

Unchecked Firefox under Manage protected apps, still left programs, so re-checked.

Then turned off Exploit Protection as suggested and now it doesn't leave Firefox tasks in Task Manager after closing.

It's something to do with Exploit Protection in my case.

Never had any issues with previous Malewarebytes Pro for last few years.

Windows 7-64bit Ultimate
Firefox 53.0.3 - 64bit

Malewarebytes Version
Component 1.0.122
Update 1.0.2048




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2 hours ago, dagar74 said:

I thought I had this problem under control by adding exclusions for Firefox, but the problem continued. I do not believe that it was caused primarily by Malwarebytes any longer. The issue of multiple instances of Firefox running as a Background process and then not being able to reopen Firefox until I closed the instances running in the Background has since driven me to using Google Chrome as my default browser. Even with as many as 8 instances of Chrome running in the background, I can always open Chrome.

I did a lot of testing and in my case, the primary culprit seems to be Thunderbird. When I would open a link in an e-mail in Thunderbird, it creates an instance of Firefox running in the background that is some how different and it is these instances that prevent Firefox from reopening. Adding MAMP exclusions for Thunderbird did not help either. I have some notes that are too long to type here, but if someone would like to see them I could send them by e-mail or just attach a file. I can't say that this is the case for others seeing similar problems, but thought I would post this for further information.

I think it's probably going to be several different issues with other products and Malwarebytes 3.

Just a feeling that the "hooks" or apps that the new features present are conflicting with other software that references similar or same.

I've seen some people say it's a certain software that triggers it when I don't use that software.

As previously noted, Malwarebytes Pro has never had any issues for me in playing well with my environment.

I see a few choices left for me:

1. Run Malwarebytes Pro
2. Turn off Malwarebytes 3 Exploit Protection until future release fixes Task Manager hanging Firefox processes.
3. Kill processes manually when they stay in Task Manager after closing in order to restart browser when needed, so I can periodically run CCcleaner after say, doing banking or paying bills to clean up trails.

For right now I have chosen option two, because it seems less onerous to me.

I do two full disk to disk (offline) backups a month and prior to MS patches and any software changes along with periodic system restore points.

I have never had a virus or any other problem since computers first required math co-processors be inserted separately and have built my computers from scratch.

In my life as a Vax Digital Mainframe manager and Systems manager, V.P. in banking for over 30 years for Mercantile/Mbank/Chase I've always incorporated good backup procedures and rotations.

Malewarebytes is a good product and I look forward to seeing the "Exploit Protection" issue addressed or defined. Perhaps a feature that will output software names and app conflicts that it encounters since I've seen a few responses of "other software is not properly accessing apps and leaves hooks that don't consider that Malwarebytes 3 might utilize them".


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