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Malwarebytes and Chameleon fail to update/open

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Hi there, I'm French so please excuse me for the poor quality of my English if you read some mistakes.

I've use Malwarebyte because I suspect my computer to be infected, some internet pages are opened without my consent, I'm regulary rediriged from Google to another search engine...

Anyway, I downloaded your software and I was able to launch it, once. It detected some infections and when I selected quarantine and reboot my computer, Malwarebyte was unable to start. And no more since then.

I tried Charmeleon but everytime I have as report :

Press any key to continue

Driver is already loaded

Enabling driver. . .

. . .Done!

Trying to start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, please wait. . .

. . .Done!


Updating MBAM. . .

Response from update :

Failed to start the update

Killing known malicious processes, please wait. . .


Mbam-killer timeout set to 1800 seconds.

Mbam-killer is scanning - Please C to cancel. . .

Mbam-killer scan is complete.

Mbam-killer is exiting.


Malwarebytes Anti-malware has terminated - unable to start the scan.

Press any key to continue "


So I think my infection is really a deep one and I will be please if you can help me.



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Hello and Welcome!

I see you have already posted in the Malware Removal Area.  Please stay on that topic until one of the experts helps you with the computer cleanup.  They will help you there one on one until your issues are resolved. Your topic there is located below, just in case you loose your place...


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