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Hey guys, Im getting ready to open up a part-time business to earn some extra money. Just cleaning off mild virus infections and speeding computers up. Anyways here are some links off of my cd Im gonna send home with people. Enjoy -----all links are safe and legal----

If you are reading this, it means that your computer is and or has been

infected with Malware. You may use these tools to help keep you safe

and or to remove existing Malware.


*Copy and Paste the links into your browser *In safe mode if needed*

The first link I give you here is to MalwareBytes

*Which gets rid of all types of Malware* - But is not an Anti-Virus*

--It works along side an Anti-Virus--


--direct download link--


---The second Link I give you is for AVG Free (Whatever Version it may be) -

This is an Anti-Virus.


--The next link I give you is for several PC Tools to help Remove Spyware - Called

Spyware Doctor

*This is not an Anti-Virus but should be used with one*


--This link is for an Anti-Virus, called Avira. It will remove Malware and protect

you from it.


---This link is for an Anti-Virus called, Kaspersky - *A trial version of 30 days

will protect you and allow you to remove Malware for the trial period*.


--This is a link for an Anti-Virus called, Norton by Symnatic - *A trial version for

30 days will protect you and allow you to remove Malware for the trial period*.


--This is a link for an Anti-Virus called, C O M O D O which includes a powerful

firewall as well.


--This is a link for an Anti-Virus called Mcafee, *A trial version for

30 days will protect you and allow you to remove Malware for the trial period*.



*copy and paste these links into your browser *in safe mode if needed*

The Mcafee Stinger *programmed to eliminate over 2000 viruses, and Malware pieces*.


----File Assasin----

Gets rid of locked files, that you are unable to delete because of Malware)



CA Anti-Spy engine built into the yahoo toolbar. Able to eliminate tracking cookies

and some forms of Malware.)


AVG Toolbar -- You get this great toolbar and search shield after installing AVG

*Link is above*

----Use These if you are already safe, and you want to stay that way----

The Mcafee Site Advisor -- Tells you the good and bad sites -- on search engines

and your browser)


----------------------------Emergency Links-------------------------------------

Emergency CD's





----------------------------Windows Tips on staying safe---------------------------

First off open up Windows Firewall and turn it on and keep it up to date

then Turn on Windows Defender *Vista Users Only* - Turn it on and keep it up to date

----Keep it up everything up to date---- with a good Anti-Virus and some Tools

you should be fine---

--------------------------Contact Information--------------------------------------

I can be emailed at:


---Youtube --- http://www.youtube.com/user/kodyrichardsontv

*Everything Written by: Kody Richardson

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