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Best Free Full Protection Anti Virus?


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As a general forum principle, we neither endorse nor critique specific AV choices.

That's because this forum is owned and operated by Malwarebytes Corporation, and they work closely with other security software publishers.

It would, therefore, be "tacky" and inappropriate to recommend one product over another.

MSE (aka Defender in Win 8/8.1/10) has its fans and its detractors.

It's probably "as good as" any other free, antivirus.

Regarding the "Free" AVs, you might find this post from an MS MVP and security expert interesting or helpful: http://www.bleepingc...s/#entry3781476


However, there is no one "best" AV to suit all computers, users, and budgets.

If you search the forum here (and any of the reputable computer security forums), you'll find many, many threads about this.

Here are a few links with helpful information:


The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware

So how did I get infected in the first place?

How did I get infected?

Answers to common security questions - Best Practices

List of well known antivirus products

Six tips to help you stay safer online

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Generally its totally upon the user and other users can't convince that he/she should use this that antivirus. No antivirus is 100% antivirus proof. As for me, I have used many free and paid antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee, Norton, Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition, McAfee, AVG Free, Avast Free, Trend Micro and in the past years I have used all of those on and off and finally I sticked to two antivirus. For my desktop i sticked to Avast Free and my laptop that I am writing this on i sticked to Trend Micro. I haven't used BitDefender Free and Avira, but I have heared that those to are pretty good.

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Here is a list of known antivirus products over on the Wikipedia site.  Comparison of antivirus software

There are quite a few.  This is in no way an endorsement by the Malwarebytes Corporation but is an opinion of a few Security Experts that if one of these antivirus vendors are not detecting a file as infected then it's either a very new zero-day unkown infection or potentially a false positive.


There are certainly many other good antivirus products out there and again this is only the opinion of some Security Experts we've spoken with.

These are also good well known antivirus products in alphabetic order.


If you really want to discuss antivirus and other security products in more detail then the Wilders Security Forums is an excellent resource to do so.

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