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Cmd prompt keeps popping up out of nowhere (possible virus, read other threads on it) W10

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So two days ago I was getting subtitles from Opensubtitles and stupidly didn't uncheck the file download from the main download button. I didn't install the file but it DID take me to a shoddy page for it's downloader program. I'd also had Adblock Plus disabled because WoWHead (an information site for World of Warcraft) has been acting up with Chrome/adblockers. So, my stupidity.

I noticed -since then- I've had what appears to be a command prompt window popping up in my upper left of my screen, roughly every hour to every few minutes. It's too quick to see but I've Googled and found hundreds of threads describing my issue so I'm pretty sure it's a cmd prompt window, rather than anything else. I've checked Event Viewer and Task Scheduler as well as Task Manager and haven't found anything amiss. I would record my screen to try and figure it out but I don't have enough HDD space.

I followed some things from this thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/187251-command-prompt-keeps-popping-up/ (naturally I ran Malwarebytes, Windows Defender - when this first happened) and I have an ADWCleaner log that shows what was removed, as well as a screenshot of what it found. MWB found nothing - I had the rootkit bit enabled - and once ADWCleaner found something I basically stopped following the above thread and started my own.

I'm on Windows 10 Home  (X64), can provide other info if need be. I'm pretty good with computers but this is my first virus issue in literally, 15 years, as well I was on MacOS for the last five years so I'm new to Windows 10 (had Windows 7 for years and XP prior to that) so everything in this OS looks different than what I remember XD

Attached is the screenshot to what AWCleaner found as well as it's first log (EDIT: re-uploaded log, forgot to remove my username from it).




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