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[ RESOLVED ] sogou.exe and HWSignatureEX.dll not deleted by FileAssassin

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sogou.exe and HWSignatureEX.dll was apart of the Sogou PInyin program that is very popular in China. I needed to be able to type in Chinese and loved the skins. However, the truth is that both Sogou.exe and sogou's owner and the QQ pinyin owner,  decided to go viral. QQ website added unauthorized extensions to chrome that chrome did not know about and did not see. I got QQ crap deleted with AdwCleaner. 

Running Malwarebytes found nothing. And did not recognize sogou and its dll as an item that has "refuse  to delete and uninstall" powers. It does act like a virus and not sure what you'd call it. Root something? 

Running FileAssassin did unlock the two junk files, but can not delete them. What tool can I use to force these files to delete? Malwarebytes doesn't even recognize them as a threat. I did get everything else deleted. I did get the registry free of the folder that sogou had in their. I do not know if anything else on the registry is sogou's crap or not, but did not see anything else in Chinese. Also, there is a chance, that I might be able to get Window's own staff to delete it for me, tomorrow if we can't get this fixed today. So, no worries if you can't respond. i'm doing scrabble game anyway, so will be distracted. Thanks!




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I am just going to see what Windows people can do tomorrow. I don't know if they can do anything tomorrow, as I don't know how busy they will be as I will be a walk in. I will update this tomorrow night. Thanks! Help others first, as I know this is a holiday in the USA. Thanks!

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