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Is Malwarebytes Premium all you need for all threats?

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When I started using Malwarebytes Premium many years ago, I was under the impression that it was dedicated to certain types of threats and that you needed a companion anti-virus program, e.g. Avast, AVG or Kaspersky, to run alongside it. It was possible to combine Malwarebytes Premium with such a normal, standard anti-virus program. But it was inadvisable to run more than one such anti-virus program at the same time. Some anti-virus programs like Kaspersky would not even install if any trace of another anti-virus program was detected. What is the status of Malwarebytes Premium now? Does it now protect you against all kinds of viruses and other threats?

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Hello @ecbritz:

Although technically no new pure virus classifications have appeared since about 2012, many MB3 Premium users have a full-time, installed, top-tier antivirus application of their choice running in parallel.  Your call.

Thank you for your query.

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Malheureusement, je ne comprends pas le français... I did the Windows Action Center setting as advised by Antec. Windows Defender now seems to have established itself as my "companion AV program", running alongside Malwarebytes Premium. See the attachment -- I can do a separate, additional scan with Windows Defender. Does that mean I am now sufficiently protected?

Windows Defender.JPG

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You have the choice of action for the protection Antivirus:

Windows Defender Anti Virus and Mbam doing other protective functions

Mbam doing everything. (In which case you must disable Windows Defender)
Mbam then takes the place in the security center
Antivirus protection Malwarebytes is enabled  (Malwarebytes est activé)

It is up to you to determine the choice and confidence you have in Mbam


PS:  You have translation adons for your browser. I do not speak English either.
Putting Mbam in the language of your choice is very easy. For Windows is more difficult, sorry

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J'ai autorisé la mise à jour de la fonctionnalité Windows 1703. Malwarebytes plus Panda Antivirus est devenu impossible. Aussi Malwarebytes plus Arvira Antivirus. Est-il sécurisé et suffisant d'utiliser Malwarebytes plus seulement Windows Defender?


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