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Malaware blocking malawarebytes from installing

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Hi all ^^

Here is my problem. I suddenly, and for no reason, lost some fps on my games. So I searched up on internet what is possibly causing this fps loss and found a topic talking about some malawqare infection. So I tried to install malawarebyte BUT i keep getting the message "the publisher certificate is not valid". So i tried downloading it on internet explorer wich gave me the same error but this time it was a windows 10 message. So i searched up a bit and ran mbar as told in many topics. When it finished it told me "scan complete no malaware found". I'm actually stuck here. What should i do ? should i reset my computer or is there a solution ?

Thanks for taking time to read 


Edit : I removed the malawarebytes certficate and installed malawarebytes BUT cannot run it even if i go to the command prompt admin and paste the path


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Hello Draskulls and welcome to Malwarebytes,

Do the following to check for, find and remove all untrusted certificates related to security software,

Check for and delete untrusted root CA certificates:
  • Select Windows key and R key together,,
  • In the Run dialog box type MMC, and then click OK.
  • The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) appears.
  • In the MMC, on the Console menu, click File then Add/Remove Snap-in....
  • In the Add or Remove Snap-in dialog box, click Certificates, and then click Add.
  • In the Certificates snap-in dialog box, click My User Account, and then click Finish.
  • click OK on Add or Remove Snap ins.
  • Expand the Certificates Current User node by double click
  • Expand UnTrusted Certification by double click
  • Double Click Certificates Trust List.
  • The details pane appears, showing all of the root CA certificates that are currently untrusted.

If there are untrusted Certificates listed for Malwarebytes or any other Security Programs delete them....

Thank you,


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