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Malwarebytes blocking outbound

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I have exactly the same problem but with a different IP address. I also get other pop ups with slightly different numbers but all referring to a Malicious Website Blocked and are Outbound.  Can I use the above instructions?  Do these pop ups suggest my computer is at risk or are they just annoying.  I do not really understand it so do not want to risk making things worse.

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Regarding the Malwarebytes blocking of outbound traffic.  I read lots of discussion forums, most of which were far to technical for me to follow,  and by chance saw mention of an ad-on called uBlock origin, which I then installed.  It has been amazingly efficient and stops all this interference.  I no longer get annoying pop-ups, my computer has become super fast and when I do a Malwarebytes scan it is finding nothing.  Reviews of this ad-on make reference to the uBlock origin preventing correct viewing of videos on You Tube but I have not noticed any problems.  Worth giving it a try if problem persists.

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