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Purchase for multiple PC, multiple person

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Does Malwarebytes require that everybody need to be at the same household to use the license key? (ie, in the user agreement?)

How is the 1 licence managed across the 10 machines?  If I want to install on an 11th machine, do I log into malwarebytes to revoke access to a certain device?

I want to buy this for all devices at my household, and also for my father who lives elsewhere? For that matter, I might do it for my sister too at yet another household.


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Hello @MiHuSt

You don't have to be in the same household to use the same key. We use multiple factors like License key, Machine ID etc to keep track of seats claimed.

If you have paid for 10 seats and want to install on the 11th machine it would be best to deactivate license on one of the 10 machines before activating on the 11th one.

Hope that helps.

Thank you

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What do you mean by deactivation?  Is there a step in the software to delete the license?  

I think the most likely scenario is that the one of the 10 machines died, was stolen, re-imaged, or otherwise taken out of service without "deactivation".  Is there a means to free up a licence tied up by some old inaccessible machine?  From what you wrote: "it would be best to...", it sounds like you leave it to the customer to be honest about only using 10 licenses; but 10 is a bit much to leave to the average consumer to keep track of on their own.  It would be ideal to be like services such as Netflix or Vudu, where they keep track of devices on the account and one can go online and revoke a device from access.


Thanks for the speedy reply... gives motivation to buy :)


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Thank you for your feedback @MiHuSt

If one of the machine becomes inaccessible we can help you recover the lost seat. Also we have pretty robust techniques to keep track of abused keys :)

There is also a way where in you can force a license deactivation which would put you . Attaching the screenshot on which if you click on Deactivate license it will take the product into the Free mode.


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