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Found & removed Hijack.Homepage but homepage broke

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Yesterday I ran the free/trial version of Malwarebytes because I had a gmail bounce with a report of possible malicious software.

Gmail was not accurate. it bounced because I enclosed a zipped folder of text files. And no malware. I also scanned with Kaspersky. I wasted 5 hours on that.

However, my Malwarebytes scan found Hijack.Homepage and removed it.  I had never had any problems with my homepage or browsing in general.

I can't find any info on what this thing might have been doing and wonder if it was a false positive.

But today I find that Internet Explorer 11 is behaving odd (Edge and Chrome work) I have a personal homepage and the link to gmail on that page only works if I open in a new tab or in a new  window. Otherwise it goes to the Google account page and then pops back to my web page. I can't find out what Hijack.Homepage does.

Could my Gmail link problem connected to Hijack.Homepage?

Happy Trails


The only report I have is enclosed.

malwarebytes log.txt

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Thank you for the messages and apologies for not understanding how to use this forum. I can't follow up on the Hijack.Homepage find because I had to reinstall windows to get back to work. I also ran Kaspersky Internet Security on all my disks and it found no problems. Honestly, I am not sure the Hijack.Homepage ever did anything on my system. I found that one of my disks was dying which explained the reason I first came to Malewarebytes. My file transfers where sometimes hanging and leaving the system unresponsive. The good news is that I now know to use Malewarebytes. But I will still need to spend some time reading about the reporting procedure.  YIKES, do you know that the Enter key deletes the text in this reply box?  Happy Trails

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