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Manual Update and Confirmation

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Hello @WildBlue

One way to manually download database updates would be to do this:

1. Go to Settings/Protection

2. Under updates turn off the "Check for updates every 1 hour". Wait for a couple of hours.

3. Go to the Dashboard. Under "Scan Status" the updates would be orange and there would be a "Check for updates" link.

4. Click on the Check for updates link . Your Database updates should download and if its successful the Updates: Should show as current and green.

Hope this helps.

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My questions were not clear, sorry.  Without using the Malwarebytes program, I want to locate a Malwarebytes company link from which I can download the current and correct database update file(s) for Malwarebytes 3.1.  If there are multiple files in the download package for various versions of Malwarebytes (1.x, 2.x, 3.x), I need to know which of the download file(s) are the correct one(s) for v3.1.  I need to know where/how to install the v3.1 downloaded file(s).  After installation, I need to know how to verify that the manual update installation was successful and that Malwarebytes is using the new rules.  Related questions come to mind:  Do any existing database or other files need to be deleted prior to installing the new update files?  Should Malwarebytes be running or closed when doing the manual update?  If running is OK, are any settings changes required prior to doing a manual update install?

Thanks in advance.

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