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auslogic Mbam actions

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the manual scanned warned me about this, I assumed the action was to uninstall the app.

But after I  let Mbam do it's thing, the only thing it did was quarantine the uninstall key,

PUP.Optional.AuslogicsDiskDefrag, HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL\{DF6A13C0-77DF-41FE-BD05-6D5201EB0CE7}_is1, Quarantined, [0e228a913f6a0c2aad875139dd23f40c],

the app is still installed and usable, except I can now no longer uninstall it unless

i undo the quarantine.

Surely this can't be right?  Wha5 is supposed to happen here?

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Depends what you mean by help.  I'm still none the wiser with regards to MBAM's intent.

I undid the quarantine and restored the uninstall key.

The app is still installed on my PC although  I hardly touch it.

What is MBAM trying to warn me about.  If it's the app itself why didn't MBAM uninstall it.

Why just quarantine the uninstall registry key?

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  • Root Admin

It was probably added by accident by a heuristic search. I'm sure it's been corrected by now.

If its been restored then please run a new Threat Scan and let me know if it finds it again. It should not find it now.

If it does find it then just abort the scan and send me the log please.




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