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Sorry, it seems like I missed your thread again. This is my fault though, since we're doing a malware clean-up on your system but it isn't in the Malware Removal Logs section. Since I monitor this section all the time and your thread isn't in it, I miss it.

Alright, go in your Device Manager (you can search for it in the Start Menu), and under Network Adapters, can you tell me the devices you see listed?

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I wouldn't attempt a System Restore as it might bring back the infection. Can you give me a screenshot of what it looks like when you click on the Network icon to check for WiFi networks?

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This is a very different issue then. Let's try this.

zImGw67.pngWindows Repair All-In-One
NOTE: Before following to step below, please disable your Antivirus software or any other real-time security software that you have enabled.

  • Boot in Safe Mode with Networking;
  • Download the portable version of Windows Repair All-In-One;
  • Move the file (archive) on your Desktop, and extract it there;
  • Go in the tweaking.com_windows_repair_aio folder, then Tweaking.com - Windows Repair folder, right-click on Repair_Windows.exe and select Run as Administrator;
  • From there, click on the Next button until you are presented with an Open Repairs button and click on it;
  • Let the Registry back up complete, and move on to the check-list window;
  • Click on the Unselect All button at the bottom, then check the following items:
    • Reset Service Permissions;
    • Set Windows Services To Default Startup;
    • Restore Important Windows Services;
    • Remove Policies Set By Infections;
  • Once done, click on the Start Repairs button and let the scan execute;
  • If you are being prompted with a Security Warning, allow it to go through;
  • Once the repair is complete, it'll ask you to restart your computer, please do it;

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1 hour ago, AminAd said:

Nothing happends. I click the network icon, and a get no respons. I've run a troubleshooting and the response is that I haven't selected a wireless network. The same with the windows logo, nothing happends when I click it.


@Aura @AminAd I have a suggestion, Create a new user account with Administrator privileges and switch to it and see if you can access the start menu and network again.

Please post the results.

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8 minutes ago, AminAd said:

I messed up!!! Deleted my primary profile where all my documents where

WHY did you Delete anything... You were to just create a new account and log into it.


8 minutes ago, AminAd said:

Am I screwed? what do I do? 

If you deleted your user account then yes it is gone unless you have a backup.

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Just now, AminAd said:

Don't have a backup. Is it not possible to do a drive recovery? 

There are things you could try but it requires an external drive to recover the data to and the more you use this computer the chances go down. 

What did you do when you created the new user account and why did you even think deleting the old one was a good Idea?

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As I was making a new user I made a user called Administrator. I logged in to and did not see a fix on the problem. And then I made another one normal user that did not work. As I was trying to do the fix I went on my user and logged in to a local version of the account. As I was looking at the users and nothing was working I stated deleting the users I created. Thinking my files are saved in the admin user I deleted the local user.  

I answered yes when windows asked if I wanted to delete the user and the files. Big mistake. 

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1 hour ago, AminAd said:

@Porthos I now have the harddrive. I'm ready when you are.

Hopefully, you got one large enough. I am hoping at least one terabyte.

Next download Recuva. https://www.piriform.com/recuva/download/standard

Now the disclaimer...... This is a shot in the dark and might not do what we need. But since you spent money on the drive I don't want you to have to spend any more than you have too. 

Install Recuva and run a deep scan and hopefully, you will find the needed files. If so tell Recuva to recover them to the external drive.

I will cross my fingers.




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