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Malwarebytess 3 web protection coverage

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will Malwarebytes 3 Premium block web sites purporting to have found a virus on your computer and which block all attempts to shut it down except through task manager? You then have to clean the browser cache to get functionality back.

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Greetings and welcome :) 

Yes, tech support scam sites as we call them (because they try to convince you that you are infected and that you need to call the scammers to pay for tech support/repairs) are among the classifications of malicious websites that we target with our malicious website blocking component in Malwarebytes Premium.

That said, new ones are popping up constantly as this is a very common scam these days, so while we cannot guarantee that we'll catch every one, we do our best to track and add them to our block databases as quickly as possible and we're always working on new technologies to go even further to block scams and threats like this.

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Yes, it most certainly does.  One of the types of attacks that we look for is what's referred to as a social engineering attack.  This includes deceptive posts/links in social networking platforms like Facebook, instant messaging applications as well as what are known as "malvertisements" which are ads that actually contain exploits leading to malware.  We also block exploits that come through spam/scam emails such as maliciously coded documents and Trojans posing as safe/important files/documents etc.

It's not just our web blocking that handles these threats though.  Quite often the bad guys use exploits which our excellent exploit protection handles to stop the bad guys from using vulnerabilities in the applications you use, such as your web browser, office software and media players to try to infect your system with malware.

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