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Unable to Boot Windows 7 After Malwarebytes Database Update Incident on 5/19/2017

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Hi there, after the last Malwarebytes update on Thursday or Friday, Windows 7 will no longer boot properly.  I can't get it to start in safe mode either, I get an error in mbamchameleon.sys.

At first, I encountered the problem everybody else was having.  I then followed the instructions to update Malwarebytes  and my computer ran for a couple minutes, then completely froze. Couldn't cntrl-alt-delete or anything.  So I had to hard boot my computer, and from then on it would never boot up, and seemed to always error out when loading mbamchameleon.sys.  I did get a BSOD during one of the boot up sequences, but the prevailing error on boot up was with mbamchameleon.sys.

So, to reiterate, Windows 7 will not start, even in safe mode and also trying to get a dos prompt.  How do I fix this issue while keeping my data on the SSD intact?  I sent in a support request a few days ago, but no response.

I also reinstalled windows 7 on another SSD in the computer, so there's that..but I really need the data that is on the other hard drive.


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I would suggest that the first thing to do would be to backup your data.

As you have W7 installed on another SSD, you should be able to access the data on the first SSD and back it up to removable media.

There's not a whole bunch that you can do to recover W7 unless you're skilled at remotely mounting the registry and editing it from there.
Have you tried Startup Repair?  It's usually suggested that you run it 3 times, rebooting in between times
Have you tried System Restore and restore the system to a point before the update happened?

Another, rather crude way, would be to access the file system of the original SSD and rename ALL of the MalwareBytes files (I usually just add a .BAD extension to the end of all of the files).  DO NOT DELETE them, as you may break the system's ability to boot by doing this.

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