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The update engine has a problem communicating with the server when resources are 50% or greater on your computer. This is because Avira does not want the system to be slowed down, during the update process. I asked this question back when I was beta testing the Avira Antivir 9 suite early this year.

Is this like MBAM tries not to use more than 50% available during a scan so it can operate while other programs can still run - :rolleyes:

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Exactly, most security softwares have such methods built in these days to reduce their load on the system, that way the user can continue using the machine normally while the security program is performing its tasks. Unfortunately some are better at it than others though.

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Hi Guys,

Just signed on three days ago to get rid of fakealert still not quite finished yet, waiting on a response from helper. I tried to download MBAM, Super Spyware, and several others but only Avira would download and run. It let my machine finally download and run MBAM, combofix and HJT.

I am now running Avira, MBAM and Super AntiSpyWare. Before all i had was AVG. It did not catch the virus at all. I am doing away with it.

Food for thought.

Take care all, Debbie

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Avira has better responsiveness than AVG, on top recent malware files, that are detected before AVG does.

However, the teams react fast, when you upload files to them. AVG is good. People use to prefer Antivir to AVG because of memory usage (AVG needs more).

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Moreover Avira (avast also) has auto-update feature. ie updates are automatically loaded, as & when available, without us manually checking now & then whether updates are available or not.

I remember this feature is not available in AVG.

Then in case the machine is infected, I was blocked by the malware from contacting AVG's homepage which is not the case with Avira/Avast.


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Moreover Avira (avast also) has auto-update feature. ie updates are automatically loaded, as & when available

Almost - Mine (Avira) gets an update about 8.00PM most nights - The times usually will not change, unless I do a manual update -

That may relate to the world updating time - :D

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A NEW virus today! On one of my laptops, running Windows XP Ultimate - by Johnny.

Popups, redirects, blocks, etc., etc! ComboFix nor MBAM can run! SDfix did nothing for it either!

The "Security Program" come up as just "Antivir", nothing else! Grrrrr! These virus's that negate MBAM from running sure do upset a person! Let me tell you!


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That would be the Antivir rogue, which looks like a copycat of AVG (the legit).

This program is installed on your computer, usually by Trojans. Once the program is installed, rogues display fake security alerts stating that your computer is infected or is under a risk. It urges you to purchase its software in order to protect yourself. If you click on one of these alerts, you will then be brought to the website of the program, where you will be prompted to purchase the software.

When this program is installed, it will be configured to start automatically, when your computer loads. It will first scan your computer and list a variety of fake infections that it says are running on your computer. The program says that it cannot be removed unless you first purchase it.

It appears you are getting help with this issue. Kudos.

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