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Web Protection unable to start (My Fix)

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I have been having issues with Malwarebytes Web Protection turning off and then unable to start. Tried the various solutions mentioned in other posts with no success.

I am running the latest win 10 creator edition and was experiencing the problem.  My fix that appears to be working permanently, is to turn off "Smart Screen for Microsoft Edge". This can be found in "Apps and Browser Control". As I was using Malwarebytes this setting had always been set to off. The Win 10 update to creator edition looks to have turned the Edge setting on regardless of the previous setting.

I am running Malwarebytes Version

Your mileage may vary but this has worked for me.


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Hello @frogz1 and :welcome:

As a viable alternative...

MB3 v3.0.6.1469 had/has been replaced by more than one update, of which the current release is v3.1.2.1733 and those updates contained very many fixes compared to your system's current version.  Although the current MB3 update is being throttled out, an individual user is more than welcome to immediately install the update before your system's update is chosen on a random basis, or before the updating throttle is opened to full.  This would certainly be the case if you are one of the few users experiencing an MB3 issue.  Since at least one MB3 update was missed, please consider employing the MB-Clean support tool only for this one-time update process.  As a safety precaution, please store the system's MB3 license key separately until the system in question and MB3 are running well with v3.1.2.1733.  Thank you.

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At present there are no problems showing up. Still early days but fingers crossed :) that updating to has fixed the issue for me. If there is any change or the system relapses back to turning off Malwarebytes web protection I will let you know.

Presently Edge/Windows Defender Smartscreen is enabled as well as Malwarebytes web protection.

As a side note: A big thank you to the Malwarebytes team for a fantastic piece of software. It was definitely the correct decision when I purchased the product quite some while ago.


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