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Hello @mrmike570:

The various monthly editions of well-regarded MVPS Hosts files are likely used by millions of users.  When managed by Windows-based applications such as HostsMan, Hosts File Editor and others, an additional level of overall system security is enjoyed by your system.  If a sizable etc/HOSTS file is not adequately managed with DNS Client service, the user's browsers may be slowed noticeably.

However, if you already have MBAM v2.2.1.1043 Premium, or better yet MB3 Premium installed, with the Web Protection enabled as an installation default, you are receiving the full benefits of the far superior Malwarebytes powered hpHosts databases that are updated perhaps hundreds of times per day.


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What is a ‘hosts’ file?

‘hosts’ file is a plain-text file in an operating system to map hostnames(like anything.com) to its IP address. Whenever you try to launch a website using its hostname, the operating system will usually search the ‘hosts’ file to find the corresponding IP address first.

If the search is successful, then its mapped IP address is used; otherwise a query is sent to DNS (Domain Name Service) to find the IP address of that hostname.

Setting Up ‘hosts’ file

1. On the computer, open MVPS (or pgl.yoyo.org or hostfile.mine.nu) on your browser. A plain-text page will open. Save this page as the name hosts in the computer.


2. Using Bluetooth or a USB connection, copy this hosts file from your computer to your Android device. Note the file path.

3. On your Android, open the file manager in your device and copy the hosts file to /etc or /system/etc. Accessing this location may require you to ‘allow super user permissions’ to the file manager.


4. Rename the original hosts file (if present) to a .txt or .bak extension. Paste the saved hosts file here. Reboot your Android and your Android is now ad-free.

source : http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/blocking-ads-in-android/

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