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Cannot update malware databases

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@jeffgg123 Hi and Welcome

Could you post the logs from the following post please.

58 minutes ago, jeffgg123 said:

I've reinstalled

Assuming you are referring to Version 2 of MB.

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Thanks. I'll do that but the only problem I am having is with the updating of the databases. Everything else with the program is working fine. If you have a fix for this that is all I really need. Other than that I'll do as you have requested. I'm running a 64 bit system with windows 8.1.

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37 minutes ago, jeffgg123 said:

Thanks. I'll do that but the only problem I am having is with the updating of the databases.

If you want to stick with MBAM2.x however, I'd recommend using mbam-repair to remove the currently installed MBAM2.x and re-install it. If you're still having issues after that, let us know.





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12 minutes ago, jeffgg123 said:

Having the same problem again...Pls help.

Have you excluded MB from Kaspersky?

If you use add an exclusion, you should be able to type in the full paths manually as I've outlined below. 


This should allow you to add all the paths in sysnative as well as the Malwarebytes folder








Also the MB folder in Program Files and the one in Program Data (it is hidden by default)

C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes
C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes   (Enable hidden files to add this one.)

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5 minutes ago, jeffgg123 said:

Does this forum have an issue with the lastest version of ie browser?

Sorry, can't answer that. I would not use IE if you paid me.

Also while you are working on things. Get a new set of FRST logs, please.

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On 5/24/2017 at 9:15 AM, jeffgg123 said:

Just a side point too... Does this forum have an issue with the lastest version of ie browser? It happened last time I was here also. First I could post- then I could not post?

I'll try this tomorrow... Thanks for your quick reply.


I'm using ie11  to post this now, no issues here.

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Thanks guys... It's Version 3 MB..

Yeah daman1... Never seen it happen before..

Something strange just happened. I went to update the new version of MB... Got the same error as before... Then I noticed that I had limited connection through the wi-fi -  a yellow shield appeared in the connection tab.. after some fiddling and I retained full-connection and I 'then' was able to update... WHAT JUST HAPPENED NOW DID NOT OCCUR BEFORE! It just would not update before on full-connection.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just regular updates... Now the anti-exploit will not turn on... 

I've been having trouble over the years downloading stuff...ect ect.. This is due to a nutjob I had small contact with on a forum.. Over the years I've collected evidence and I've got him. He's highly enough qualified to do this. I was downloading something on Friday and it zipped through quickly... Same old story, the next day it slowed right down... I went to continue the download just now, and nothing would come down.. I went to the NSW Police site and was thinking about reporting all this, then the  'close wait' states were dropped and Malawarebytes updated, Anti-Exploit turned on, and the downloads downloaded in under a minute... I think I'm paranoid.... this might explain the 'edit' button disappearing too...

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