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Windows 10 on PC will not boot after scan

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Downloaded Malwarebytes 3.0 for Windows 10, scanned PC, found 2107 breaches even though have a reliable subscription  antivirus and subscription PC Reimage repair (which it incidentally removed) and now have extreme difficulty in booting Windows 10 taking 6 or 7 attempts lasting 10 minutes as it sits on a blue/dark screen. I end up switching the PC totally off/on at least 6 times until it finally boots up Windows start menu. Cannot launch any website from MS Outlook email unless I turn website protection off. I do not get any error messages at all or Malwarebytes warnings so nothing to attach. My computer is a total disaster! Can anyone help here please?

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Are you running Malwarebytes 2.x or Malwarebytes 3.x? If you're running 2.x, please download mbam-check instead of mb-check from the following link and run it, then upload the text file it creates:


Our software definitely runs on Windows 10, and runs all the way back to XP (most of it anyways). There are still quite a few users on Windows XP, so we still want to help those users out.

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dcollins please read my post earlier as I definitely downloaded Malwarebytes 3.x for Windows 10 and that was the check file I sent. However since I sent you that file the Malwarebytes App has totally disappeared? I did not uninstall it just vanished and I cannot find any history on what deleted it.


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