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When I came home from vacation, all of the sudden I have an updated Malwarebytes AV.

I tried to update the lifetime license ID and KEY, but it would not take my ID.

The Key was OK, but could not click the activate button.

Tried chatting but they were no help and made me mad.  They kept sending me to a page that was absolutely no help.

I've been with Malwarebytes for approximately 5 years, but it looks as though our relationship will end.

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Well I just maintained a few systems. Some of those (all in identical configuration) had still version 2 dot something on them - Premium Lifetime versions. So I upgraded to version 3 manually using the most cuirrent download with an inplace upgrade.

After installing all four one went well without problems. The second could be reactivated by reentering the key, the other two are not longer accepted "used on too many PCs". But they did run on the PCs until today night and then did not survive an inplace upgrade?

Very frustrating upgrade experience. (And yes, these keys have been accquired through Ebay channels about to years ago, but that non profit organization I support does not swim in money to pay a yearly subscription fee easily.) What is a lifetime worth, if I cannot even reactivate it on the same PC and OS as before?

Best greetings from Germany

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Can you please private message me your key and ID that you're typing in, as well as a screenshot of the error you're seeing (preferably put your key/id in the window with the screenshot if you can). Please don't post it on this forum, but message me directly by clicking my name and choosing message

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