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Web protection won't enable

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Also have this same problem, web protection eternally "starting..." but never completes. http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ is reachable.


Also, when attempting to scan, the scanner module finishes instantly yet does not do anything. I have Premium so everything should be automatic. All other protection modules are fine and active.


In conjunction with ESET Smart Security 9.0.408.0 (with rules setup to allow all network traffic for all MBAM-related executables), Google Chrome 58.0.3029.110 with uBlock Origin add-on, running Windows 10 Pro x64 1511 (10586.783) on a recently built high-end gaming machine, no overclocks, no tweaks except for disabled automatic Windows updates through GPE. ESET scanning and rootkit scans using multiple tools came up with no threats; there is no discernible odd behavior in Task Manager and Performance Monitor. MBAM is recognized in Security and Maintenance as up and running for both virus and spyware protection. I realize I could update both MBAM and my system to hopefully fix any problems, but this setup was all running fine for months, until today. It seems that some people have newer versions and still have issues, so...

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5 hours ago, Poidog said:

I'm on version 3.1.2 and am having the exact same problem as marshmallocat.  Windows 10 Build 14393.  In conjunction with Avira AV.  Just started today as well. 

Is it working again? if not follow the below screenshot.



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