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Malwarebytes version Updates:Out of Date

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Woke up this morning and Malwarebytes was telling me that my real time protection was turned off.  I tried turning it on thru the settings page, but it just said "loading" and stayed there.  So I followed the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the product and when system first came up, it appeared that everything was fine since real time protection was now on and there were not exceptions until I tried to force a manual update, which it appeared to do by watching the progress bar quickly complete the check, but that now caused the updates line to constantly say "check for updates" and when I do, it no longer completes the check and is again throwing an exception on the tray icon telling me that my updates are not current.

Just thought I would pile on here with everyone else this morning!!!

Have a great day!

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Thanks 1PW!!

Update:  Instead of relying on Windows to do the uninstall, I downloaded the Malwarebytes Cleanup tool and ran that after the standard uninstall.  Doing that forced a restart where a normal uninstall does not.  After rebooting, I ran a CCleaner registry scan to verify that there were no remnants of Malwarebytes and then performed a reinstall.

It appears (at least for now) that Malwarebytes is operating as it should.  All real time protections are staying on and I am able to now repeatedly check for updates without it failing.

So unless MB did something behind the scenes that corresponded with my actions and what I did really didn't fix the problem, this may be a short term solution for someone else.

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