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MWB not updating to 3.1

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I saw the forum post dated 5/10 by bdubrow that MWB 3.1 is available.  Malwarebytes never seems to automatically update anything except definitions for me.

I am currently running version, component package version 1.0.103 and update package version 1.0.1974 and the only way I got there was to run mb-clean and reinstall.

Isn't MWB designed to automatically update?

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22 minutes ago, rickmb said:

Isn't MWB designed to automatically update?

Yes, but it is metered out over time.

Our update process in 3.0 is way better than what we had with 2.x, even with our metering in place. Database updates come out multiple times a day and users get those as soon as they do a check, we only meter our Component Updates (larger background updates) and our Application Updates (the ones where you have to click on the installer to install). Staying on 3.0.6 is perfectly fine for most people and they are protected (even from WannaCry), and when they get the 3.1.2 upgrade, it allows them to upgrade when they are ready. For users who want the latest updates immediately, we make them available for a download.

A lot of software stages it's rollouts like this to help handle support requests or try to catch issues that may arise. Your phone does this, Windows does this, and lots of other security vendors do this. If we found a giant flaw in 3.0.6 that left people vulnerable, we would do our best to get more users onto the latest version as soon as possible. But in most cases, letting the upgrades come naturally works best.

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is this still being metered out? I have 3.1 on two computers with auto-update, but I have 2 computers that are still on 3.0. When I click the install application updates, it says no updates found. Am I just impatient and need to continue waiting?


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