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Web Protection won't start, MalwareBytes Pro 3.12

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My web protection also won't start.  It just started failing this morning.  I saw another thread with 6 pages of people with the same problem.

I changed my settings for the delay in start and enable early start and that did not fix the problem.  I downloaded and installed the latest version ( 3.1.2 ) and the problem persists and we are all without protection just days after a major virus/worm ran through system around the world.

So this is clearly a problem with a new version and it needs to be fixed!

(Not to mention the ABUSIVE process of creating this account.  I'm not sure how many images of cars I had to click on before the stupid thing would actually accept my registration but it was maddening.  Malwarebytes has been GREAT for years but after today I am really questioning things......)

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Malwarebyte Component 1.0.122 Update 1.0.1974

Win7 x64 SP1

Till today everything worked fine. Now all of a sudden I got a Protection Settings fault.

Web Protection and Malware Protection are disabled.

Malware Protection can be started manually.

Web Protection can not be started manually it shows "Starting" but doesn’t start



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I also had this exact problem yesterday, around the time this topic was created. Upgraded from 3.0.6 > 3.1.2, still failed.

Database seemed to have been updated automatically this morning, so I restarted my computer and all is working for now. Will update if there's any other changes.


On a side-note, @dcollins I had to manually install the 3.1.2 release. Was this necessary for me to do a manual install or should MB have done it automatically?

*And by manual I mean I only found out there was a version 3.1.2 after trying to rectify the above problem by searching it online, and seeing a comment saying "Upgrade to 3.1.2". I never saw or received a notification of any type that version 3.1.2 was released.

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Guys, the web protection not starting was due a Database issue which has been rectified from our end.

To get things working normally again simply open Malwarebytes and click on “Current” next to where it says Updates in 
the Dashboard and it should download and install working databases.

If it is able to successfully update but protection still is not working, then please try right-clicking the Malwarebytes tray icon next to your system clock and select Quit Malwarebytes. 

Open Malwarebytes once again from your START → Programs menu or from the shortcut located on your Desktop.

Let us know if that helped.

Hello @Cjhrjone54

usually our major product updates are metered out so not all of the users get the update at the same time.

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