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As others have been reporting Malwarebytes isnt working.  As of today this doggy program disables web protection and system scans do NOT work.  Whats the point in having a malware program (which you change silly money for each yr) and it doesnt work. I pay for your  software to protect my system and you are failing me bigtime.... I got a blank check in which i will use to SUE your arse if i end up with a virus because your DUMB program fails to protect my systems.


Have a freaking nice days.

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The program has been great for me for the past few years. Ever since the 3.0 update (with the new interface) it's been buggy with protection though. Which is not something you want with a paid product.  

Scans aren't working past the update stage for almost every user of 3.0 onwards as of this morning. Updating to the latest version (3.1.2) doesn't help, and neither does doing a clean reinstall. 

There are droves of other users having issues. I know it's a very tense situation with that crazy ransomware thing still ongoing, but all we can do is sit and be patient for the time being. If you don't want to use their product anymore and paid for it, try contacting them directly and request a refund.

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Its worring to know that there servers can disabled a program thats runs on users systems.  What else does this company know about Individual PC's.  There is a bigger picture here and its very worring.  When there systems goes down it leaves consumer PC's exposed this for me is very worring indeed.

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It's ridiculous. I just bought this a few days ago. Quit working this morning. Tried uninstall and reinstall. Program won't reinstall. Do not want to download and run three or four other programs to make log files for assistance nor be told I need to mess with my registry. This should be a simple easy to run program with a solid uninstall/reinstall process. This is way too complicated. Devs should inform users it is for advanced techs only or folks who don't care if their system boots again or not. 

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