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Same.  it stays on "starting..." but never finishes.  Also, idk if any of you are having this additional problem.  When I try to scan to see if there's an issue (which I thought when the web protection wouldn't start.) it finishes in 8 seconds.... without really scanning anything.  A bit alarming if you ask me.

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It seems like the problem is being caused by a new update package which was recently released.

They went from 1.0.1931 to 1.0.1937 which seems to have broken both Web Protection and Malware Protection. This has made Web Protection and Malware Protection to be forced off and if you are able to turn them on, they do not work.

If you try any type of scan it'll finish within 1-15 seconds and if you try to connect to http://iptest.malwarebytes.org/ it will say IP protection is disabled.

We just have to wait for a new Update Package or the new one to be reverted back to the working one.

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No problems for the last few months (3.0.6) then suddenly I'm having the same issue as everyone else, which started perhaps 30 minutes ago.   When I reboot, both web & real-time protection are off, turning ON web protection works, but real-time won't turn on even though it was on when I first reinstalled it.   It turned itself off after perhaps 30 seconds.


Additionally, scanning doesn't work anymore.   It checks for updates then shows the *result* screen as if it had scanned, but it didn't.  Tried them all (threat, full, memory) and none will work/scan.


This is with

Windows 10 Pro Creators Edition Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.296)


MBAM info


component package: 1.0.122

update package: 1.0.1973


I cannot confirm if it happened on 3.0.6 before I uninstalled & reinstalled the latest version (forgot to check before uninstalling).




P.S. Sent an Email/ticket

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