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Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

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Same problems here, Windows 10, Malwarebytes version

What is worse is that I thought I might be infected, so I tried doing a scan. Well, the scan lasted all of about 2 seconds. The logs of the attempted scan say "Result: cancelled".

So I am unable to enable web-protection and I am unable to do a scan at all, like others here have noted.

Anyway, the only good news is that it seems like a lot of people have this problem too, so it is not just me.

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Thank heavens I'm not the only one who's seeing this.

Amazing how many posts here have happened in the past 10 minutes.  Very suspicious.

Anyway, "starting..." (Web Protection) and won't actually start.  Premium version 3.1.2.  I paid for this???

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This problem has been going on since the first version of malwarebytes 3.
It appeared to be working for a short while, but I've been having this problem on and off for months now.
The issue also seems to move from one module to the next, I've had it with web protection, with ransomware protection and with exploit protection.
With 3.0.6 it usually was exploit protection that I had to start manually, with 3.1 it appears to be web protection.

It's about time malwarebytes starts digging deeper into this issue to see why it keeps popping back up.

Edit: Seems the way the problem shows up is a little different in 3.1 though. Whereas in version 3.0.6 and before it would start with one of the protecion modules off, in 3.1 it starts with all modules on, but after a few seconds (for me at least ) both malware protection and web protection turn off.

I can start malware protection manually, but web protection just stays on 'Starting...'

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20 minutes ago, KWHJ said:

Same trouble happens with me!

Version 3.0.6 (seems to be the latest one?). No other version available. Updating says: 'version is actual'.

...even editing my first post is not allowed anymore. Why?

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Given the swarm of posts in this thread in the past 20 minutes, I suspect it's related to either an update install or some other "routine" act by MWB.

Either way, my licence is up in 36 days, and I'm seriously considering not renewing, and finding an alternative

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same thing here, version 3,12 web protection and malware protection shut off minutes after starting the program and web protection won't turn on, I have restarted the program and my computer and get the same results, this problem as been around for a while it's kinda frustrating that it hasn't been fixed yet

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Just checked - cannot do scan either.

Checks for updates. Then goes to scan complete - time : 10 seconds, 0 items scanned.

I downgraded to 3.1.1 beta as it had been working well for a while - but, after a minute or so (probably when it triers to check for updates), real time protection turns off on it.

My guess is MBAM's update servers are victim of some sort of attack or huge admin mistake.

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I am having the same problem protection is turning of for WEB and Malware protection.

Downloaded MB-Clean   it uninstalled then rebooted and then reinstalled.

Still getting same problem.

Downloaded and used MB-Check will attach zip file


I am using version 3.1.21733 Windows 10 PRO version 1703 Build 15063.296

EDIT : Ran a scan and it lasted 00.00.03


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