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Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

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3 minutes ago, bmac said:

Yup thanks. Running it now

Great. It even removes stuff. And when it flags a false positive, you can let them know in the results via an option for that. Or you can choose to have it ignored next time.

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1 minute ago, Gamera said:

Dudes, relax. Some fault got into the latest update. It's only 4AM in Santa Clara. 

Were it not for last week people would be more relaxed I suspect. But the time in Santa Clara is irrelevant - the world works 24/7. On the other hand this is not (yet) the worst AV issue I have ever had. I once had an update on another program which defined every single file on my PC as a virus and tried to quarantine the lot. Thankfully I stopped it. A lot of people did not.

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9 minutes ago, Skwarkman said:

for the apologists : It was less than a week ago that Malwarebytes had a front page sales blurb trumpeting (sorry) the effectiveness of the protection against the recent crypto-locking outbreak : this is a publicity nightmare for them at a sensitive time - of course, people are paranoid !: I am, I am trying to work on client accounts which are the core to the success of our business and the last thing I need is to know that my machine may be insecure. I want to get back to work - Not sit here waiting for a solution.... (sorry: bit heated - but nevertheless totally true...)



This, a thousand times this

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This just happened to me now for some odd reason. It was fine a few hours ago. I had my PC running all night as it was defragging and apparently Malwarebtyes last scanned at 4am.

I installed Malwarebytes  2 days ago so it has the latest update...I presume? I am running the premium trial. I also have McAfee Internet security but it does not interfere with that as this website suggests. 

No idea what to do. If someone has found a solution please let me know. If the solution was mentioned within these 15 pages someone pin it to the front page or something


Thanks! :) Hope this gets resolved quickly

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