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PC Start Up & LibreOffice Problems

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I'm new to MB having only installed and subscribed to it last week.  The following is what I have issues with.

I installed Windows 10 Creator when it was offered.  Big mistake, too buggy and trashed my PC.  Reverted to previous Win 10 version 1607 but the reversion process corrupted it so had no choice but to perform a clean install of win 10 and install the updates until version 1607 was reached.  PC is now okay and all programmes installed are running without any problems.  However, when I re-installed MB 3 I discovered the following:

The PC start up was slower and my mouse icon did not appear on screen immediately but did after a delay of 30 seconds to 01 minute.

LibreOffice which I have used without any problems for years started to malfunction.  Sometimes the application would not open, sometimes it would open but after the PC had been on for 15/30 minutes, the next time LibreOffice was required it failed, sometimes it would work all day but after leaving the PC off overnight, when the PC was started the next morning, LibreOffice would fail to start.

I checked MB's trusted applications and LibreOffice is one of them.  I experimented with MB's protection delayed start from 15 seconds to 01 minute but no change [if anything it made the PC's start up even slower]. I eventually re-installed LibreOffice but still no change.  As a last resort I uninstalled MB and in a "belt & braces" move uninstalled and re-installed LibreOffice and now everything is back to normal.  PC start up is fast, the mouse pointer is back to appearing immediately and LibreOffice works every time.  I have tested my PC over the last 04 days and all is normal.  I am far from being a computer techie but common sense suggests that it is MBs causing the problem.  I now do not want to reinstall MBs as I cannot afford the PC downtime if it goes wrong again.  Before I cancel my money back subscription I thought I would post this message and monitor what response it gets.

FYI: I [and I guess millions of others] cannot use System Restore as the process was corrupted by an update from Microsoft which Microsoft acknowledged in March 17 but have still to issue a patch for so I'm not about to do anything to my PC settings that may result in a System Restore being required.





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