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Proactive protection against the WannaCry ransomware


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On 5/19/2017 at 11:01 PM, joshkmartinez said:

What about Malwarebytes? That wasn't on the list.

Shortly after the news about WanaCrypt0r (AKA "WannaCry") came out I spoke with some key members of our team and asked how our protection was standing up against it and I was told that our anti-exploit protection nailed the exploit being used in maliciously crafted documents (PDFs I believe were the most common) so in most if not all cases, Malwarebytes 3 had it covered at hour-0 meaning even without any updates we were already stopping its primary attack vector thus preventing the infection.

Edit: By the way, it turns out (at least based on some research I did) that if you uninstall both Client for Microsoft Networks as well as File and Printer Sharing from your network connection/NIC then it closes the ports used by these SMB exploit based attacks (because it effectively removes SMB completely).  That's something I'd already done myself as it's part of my standard configuration when locking down my system/removing unnecessary components/protocols etc. (unnecessary to me, others may use them, especially if on a multi-device network where files and/or printers are being shared/networked; but in my case I only have the one PC and no networked storage or printing devices so I had no use for this protocol/function).  The only protocol I leave active on my connection is Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) as that's all that's used for standard internet access (at least until IPv6 is more widely adopted/becomes the new standard).

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