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How to stop a pop-up window?


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Several times a day a window pops up saying that Malwarebytes has stopped the outgoing website "sync-eu.exe.bid". It references the process C:\ProgramFiles|MicrosoftOffice\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE. How can that be stopped?

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Hi,I had same problem a couple of months ago & i was advised to put  sync-eu-exe.bid into the web exclusions ,I did that & it was ok for a few days but started popping up again.It starts on a particular website that has a padlock on the address bar but i still keep getting this pop up & its flaming frustrating.

I have yet again contacted customer services yesterday & I am waiting for a reply


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8 hours ago, KStork said:

Apparently, this is not an infrequent problem and Malwarebytes should officially address it.

I am sorry but there is nothing to actually fix Everything that reaches to any dot bid addresses are blocked. 


It is technically not on your computer. Is blocking communication from an AD on a website you are viewing or in your email that has pictures enabled to be viewed.

Other than excluding it in MB, The only way to kill it is an ad blocker properly configured. But that won't help Outlook unless you access it with a browser.  I would have to ask a staff member if I am allowed to assist you with an ad blocker.


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