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My PC won't connect to file sharing on the LAN Network

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It's first time for me to use Malware-Bytes. My friend recommended me to use this, he said it's good.

But when I use it for the first time, It detects a lot of threats on my pc, I have trusted my friend about it's goodness, and I just click Clean the threats after MB finish scanning. I saw there are couple registry files enlisted. But I still selected them all and clean it.

Unluckily, after that. I cannot use PC to connect with other PC whereas it's in the same network. Oddly, I still can ping them in CMD. But when I try to enter the sharing folder or network, other PC is invisible.


Any Idea what's wrong with it, or any solution?

*I have check everything else, Firewall, Network and Sharing Center etc. Nothing weird, it's all the same.

I try to install Malware Bytes into 3 other PCs in same network, now. THEY ALSO CANNOT ENTER SHARING FOLDER, but still ping-able.

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I think it happens because Malware Bytes scanned my registry key and values. And delete them all. I don't know but it exactly happened after I install the software. Everytime I try to access folder sharing for example to \\ip_adress, it says "Windows cannot access blablabla ... " error code 0x80004005. and also, when i try to see "Net view ALL" in CMD, it comes out "Error code 53"

Every tricks I try but nothing works for my problem. It only can be solved by restoring the PC or re-install the OS.

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