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Is it normal that my PC is so slow?

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I have a windows 7 PC. It's quite fast when I'm on the internet or a program such as Excel or Word, but the problem is that in basically every game, its REALLY slow. My CPU is 3GHz so it shouldn't be that bad, or at least I think. My son tried playing Minecraft (in which he barely reached 50fps in lowest resolution and settings) and Paladins (which he couldn't even play, cause it was like 10-15fps at lowest settings) but stopped because of the extremly low FPS. I play town of salem on browser which works smoothly even on fullscreen. I tried to play on MEmu, Bluestacks and Nox, but they lag so much I had to uninstall all of them. I turn of all the programs in the background. My PC specs are:

Processor:  Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU   E5700 @ 3.00GHz


System type: 32-bit

Graphics card: Intel (R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

     Total available graphics memory: 1582MB

     Dedicated video memory: 64MB (With Bluestacks game running)


This PC is decently old, so I may reinstall. Any tips, thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated.





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It's likely the video card causing the low framerates.  3D games depend on 3 major factors, with 2 of them being the most impactful for performance:

  1. CPU - speed and (sometimes) number of cores (number of cores is only relevant if the game is multi-threaded to take advantage of a multi-core CPU)
  2. Graphics card - it's not just the amount of graphics memory, but also the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) type and speed that plays a major role in game performance - What brand/model of graphics card is in your PC?  For example, is it an NVIDIA or AMD GPU or is it just the integrated Intel graphics chip built into the motherboard chipset/CPU?
  3. Amount of RAM (regular memory, not video memory) - This is the least significant factor, but for any resource intensive task, including games, it's important to have enough RAM.

You can find out more about your hardware, including your graphics card by running CPU-Z:

  • Download CPU-Z from here

  • Install it and once it's done, click START>All Programs>CPUID>CPU-Z>CPU-Z and click Yes if prompted by User Account Control

  • Once it launches it will quickly check your PC's hardware.  Once it's ready and the main UI opens click on the small v arrow on the right side of the Tools button at the bottom and select Save Report as .HTML and save the file somewhere you'll be able to easily locate it such as your desktop or your documents folder

  • Right-click on the file you just saved and hover your mouse over Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder

  • Attach the zip folder you just created to your next reply and I'll take a look and advise on the gaming capabilities of your system as best I can

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