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need help, question on mbam 3 and its impact on gaming computer

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hi all, i have a gaming computer, i have Kaspersky internet security 2017 on it, and even Malwarebytes 3 premium.

since mbam 3.0 became more efficient than 2.0, kis and mbam can go in conflict and the computer performances can be affected by it, right?

so i decided to keep mbam 3.0 on computer but turned off, using it just for manual scans (i never go on any website or download any application, i just play popular videogames with this gaming pc)

so, what are the best settings to don't impact performance with mbam? (i mean, boot mbam with pc booting, etc. etc.)

if i turn mbam  off, there's no load at all from mbam, right? or does it have any secret process anyway? 

thank you 


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Hello @ParanoiaBoy

To be honest you should not have any issues running MB 3.x premium and  KIS shold not have a large impact on your system and I would not recommend turning off Malwarebytes.

If you are really concerned about the impact of scans on your machine, you can go to Settings /Applications and choose the "Lower the priority of manual scans to improve multitasking" option.

That should not cause too much strain on your resources.




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thank you for your answer, however can you give me a suggest about the question if it takes any resource/process when turned off? and why wouldn't you recommend to turn it off ?(in my case i use it just for playing videogames and nothing else, i wouldn't go on internet/download anything if it's off)

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