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Conventional wisdom suggests that Linux is immune from malware, hacks etc. but as it's popularity increases won't the gremlins start coming up with malicious code to attack it too?

Is an anti virus utility even necessary for the Linux OS - and if so does MWB currently have or intends to develop a program for it?

Currently running the ZORIN distro.

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thanks - I had a feeling that Linux is vulnerable - thats why I want to look into an AV program.

Was hoping that MWB had one available as I really like and have used it quite a while now - but apparently that ain't happenin', is it?

   Sophos looks pretty good, but I don't see Zorin listed a a supported distro. Will the Sophos AV work on Zorin (64 bit)? 

Would I be better off installing another distro? Would I be able to keep my settings and data?

Is there a distro that acts more like W-XP or at least W-7?  My TS guy said Zorin was the closest thing to XP out there but I'm not so sure after using it a while - plus it won't talk to my Canon printer / scanner and I don't like the graphics programs for it. Can use Gimp to some extent but like Photo Filtre on Windows better.  Maybe I'm just not smart enough for it (?)

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Have been through several different AV programs - freeware, paid, trial - you name it... but keep going back to MWB.

  Even when I was using the snazzy AVs I kept MWB in the background and used redundantly - it never clashed with my other programs other than one when it hit on some PUPs it was using.   When I quarantined the PUPs the program I'd just paid $25 to "upgrade" uninstalled itself and vanished!

  Now I just use the "Defender" thing that came with W-10 on occasion, but trust MWB considerably more.

Too bad I can't get MWB for this Linux OS!

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We may have something for Linux eventually, however just as with Mac OS, Android and every other new platform we've chosen to support it's a question of finding the right developers that know the operating system as well as researchers that understand the threats faced by its users.  Obviously it must also make sense from a business perspective, however honestly that's usually our last concern.  We'd protect every device in the world if we could.

That said, I do know that we have at least gotten our scanner to run from a Linux boot disc before, however that was simply to scan offline Windows systems so developing an engine/protection and databases for Linux would still be required, and for that we'd need devs and researchers.  This is on our list of possibilities though, and has been for some time (as was Mac OS compatibility before we finally got there) so don't give up on us.  I believe that it is only a matter of time and finding the right people and opportunities to make it happen.

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