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Malwarebytes Premium 3.1.2 RSW Unavailable

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I have installed MWB 3.1.2 over previous version 2.1.1043 and the Ransomware Protection is showing as unavailable. This is a on a Premium subscription account that had MWB and MWBAE installed. The license Id and key from MWB appear to have transferred correctly when performing upgrade.

Any ideas as to why RSW protection would be displayed as unavailable?

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Hello @14Puzzler and :welcome:

The forum helpers and/or Malwarebytes' developers/staffers must have good data for a quality fault analysis.  Please download/run the following Malwarebytes written data gathering support tool, on the system in question, restarted in the NORMAL boot mode:

Reference: mb-check-

Please reply to this topic and attach mb-check-results.zip.

Thank you.

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Does Ransomware Protection say unavailable, or off? Unavailable means you are most likely running on Windows XP, which Ransomware Protection doesn't support. If you are not on XP, you may have a compatibility mode setting applied which makes MB3 think it's running on XP. Providing the mb-check log requested above will help us narrow that down.

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From your logs,

Product Name:        Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium

Note: Anti-Ransomware protection is not available/supported for systems running Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Reference  https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2663549-system-requirements-and-os-support-for-malwarebytes-3-0?b_id=15026

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