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Installed EaseUS Program and found additional programs


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I have just downloaded EaseUS Data Recovery (by accident) and Partition Manager. After uninstalling the Data Recovery program, I found that there were two other programs installed on my computer: ByteFence and Chromium. An extension was also attempting to be added to Chrome.

I uninstalled both programs and did not accept the Chrome extension. I have just build this computer and am trying to move some drives around. Did I mess up and downloaded a virus already???

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Greetings :)

It sounds like a couple of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) were bundled with the installer, and that's where they came from.  PUPs aren't viruses/malware thankfully, they're usually just annoying but as long as you uninstalled them and a Threat scan with Malwarebytes comes back clean then you should be OK.  Just make sure that your web browsers are behaving normally as well and you should be fine (i.e. no unusual/spammy search results/redirects when using Google etc., no constant ad pop-ups on every website you visit that don't appear to be a part of the page you're viewing, no unusual ads/messages on your desktop etc.).

If you do have any further issues or you just want a thorough double-check just to make absolutely certain that your system is clean then you may follow the instructions in this topic and post the requested logs/information in a new topic in that area of the forums and one of our malware removal specialists will assist you in checking and cleaning your system one-on-one.

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I am guessing that you did not download the Easeus programs from their site.  I have used their products for years without any issues.  Software downloaded directly from the Easeus downloads site is guaranteed to be 100 percent clean.  No add-ons or PUPs.

Other well known download sites are notorious for adding PUPs to the programs that you want to download.  My advice is always download your programs directly from the author's site.

Have a great day.


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